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Top Five Things Every DJ Should Have

Today’s DJs must have a pulse on the crowd but also an awesome wheelhouse of equipment that will keep the jobs coming. Whether amateur or pro, here are some things every DJ must have.
  • Players. Some DJs use music on digital devices, which means that they are carrying one laptop with a good hard drive. However, some DJs prefer the advantage of CDs, while others prefer the sound quality of vinyl. Regardless, the player is what plays the music.
  • Input jacks. You have to make sure that you have enough to accommodate the number of turntables or auxiliary feeds. Otherwise, the quality of your music is compromised.
  • Crossfader. Crossfaders provide a steady transition from one song to another with no gaps. This is also great if you choose to play small segments of several songs.
  • Equalizers. With equalizers, you can control the quality of each song by adjusting volume and tempo and improving the overall quality of each selection.
  • Protective casing. Investing in protective casing is good when you consider that your equipment can get jostled or dropped during transport. Having protective casing is also good to keep dust from gathering on the equipment during storage.
To be taken seriously as a DJ, you need the essentials. For more on other pieces of equipment that can enhance your style, call Creative Acoustics at 919-829-1875.