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Tips on Making the Best Out of Your Sound System

Not all sound systems are created equal and as a DJ, there are times when you will have to play the role of sound engineer. Learning some simple tricks to get the best quality and level of sound can help you become a more successful DJ and earn return invitations to the venues you play at. Here are some basic tips to help you make the most of any sound system.
•    Check Sound Level – When setting up for the night, you should walk around to do a sound check. Consider areas where people will gather to talk, as well as outdoor areas that may need to have a lower volume to prevent noise complaints. 
•    Adjust Settings – If you are playing the role of sound engineer, do not be afraid to adjust the balance, bass, mid and treble. Making even minor adjustments can have a drastic impact on the overall sound. You may also need to adjust the positioning of speakers to help fill dead spots.
•    Be Flexible – As the night progresses, you may need to adjust the settings again. People tend to absorb music so as people come and go, adjustments may be necessary. 
As a DJ, you control the atmosphere of the party. You should be selective in how the sound system is set up to ensure that it is something you are proud of. For more sound system tips, call Creative Acoustics at 919-829-1875.