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System Sound Levels

For a professional-level presentation, the sound must be perfect. Perfect means more than crispness, depth, bass and treble, and tone…it simply means having the correct sound levels.
Think about the times you have jumped when someone spoke in a mic that was excessively loud. How distracting! On the other hand, what about when you heard someone perform but the vocals were too low. It makes for a terrible experience for the performer and the crowd. Another irritating sound level issue arises when the sounding of certain letters produces pops in the microphone.
All of these issues are easily corrected by controlling the system sound levels. Spend some time with a friend to modulate the microphone input so that the speaker is not screaming at the crowd. Cue up all background tracks and start them to determine the sound level through the room speakers for correct playback. These are all simple solutions that just require a little time to dial the levels into synch, but make for a much better experience for the listener.
Creative Acoustics would be more than happy to provide a consultation for your worship or performance space. Let us take a listen to your system sound levels and offer you a solution, contact us today!