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Reasons to Have a Bluetooth System for Your Car

Bluetooth technology may have originally been just for making your commute hands-free, but it has come a long way since then. If you don’t already have it in your car, you’re missing out. Consider these reasons to install a system in your vehicle.
Audio Streaming
Connect your Bluetooth-enabled phone to your car’s stereo system and see how your world changes. You’ll be able to skip the radio ads and instead listen to Spotify, Pandora or even your favorite audiobooks, podcasts or music saved on your device.
Safer Text Messaging
You shouldn’t text and drive. It is not only unsafe, but also illegal in many states. However, sometimes a message is urgent and can’t be ignored until later. Bluetooth connectivity in your car allows you to speak your message and send it without ever touching your phone. It even reads responses to you.
Enhancing Commute
If you have Siri or another smartphone personal assistant, you can use Bluetooth technology to put her to work while you’re commuting each morning. Ask to be reminded about appointments, make a to-do list, check traffic or find out what time your dinner reservation is for that night.
Are you going on a road trip with friends this summer? Bluetooth technology is shareable so you can all take turns controlling the music.
Are you ready to go hands-free with ease? To learn about installing a Bluetooth system in your car, call Creative Acoustics at 919-829-1875.