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How to Enhance Your Church's Sunday Worship With AV

Creative Acoustics in Raleigh offers AV equipment to enhance your church’s Sunday service
An effective Sunday worship experience should encourage churchgoers to powerfully connect with the message. To that end, the right AV equipment can greatly enhance worship and make the experience that much more potent.

Selecting the Right Speakers

Different speaker configurations work better for different worship spaces. Compact line arrays are able to fit rich and powerful sound into smaller venues. For cathedrals and other larger spaces with a high amount of reverberation, a columnar array produces clearer speech and more intelligible lyrics.

Considering Your Screen Options

Venue size, range of viewing angles and budget are all important considerations when determining your screen setup. Quality flat-panel displays provide a sharp image, but there are limits to how big they can get. For a very large worship space, you would likely need to invest in multiple displays to provide full coverage. A projector is more able to scale up and provide a much larger single screen.

Quality Lighting Over Quantity of Lights

Rather than installing an obscene number of lights, invest in a stage-light controller that provides you the features you need. A good controller will allow you to adjust the angle, color and intensity of each light in your integrated setup.

Consult a Specialist

There are many factors to consider in selecting the most appropriate AV equipment for your worship space. An AV specialist will be able to determine what options work best and help you to set them up.
For more on how to enhance the AV of your Sunday worship, visit Creative Acoustics in Raleigh.