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Audio Upgrades You Need to Make in Your Family Car

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Not surprisingly, children are one of the most distracting parts of driving and cause many accidents every year. Constant moving around, bickering, and fussiness cause you to turn around while behind the wheel to see what is going on with your children, taking your eyes off the road where they belong.
Keeping your children entertained while in the car is no easy task, so make sure your family car is outfitted with the electronics that will keep your children quietly entertained without causing a driving distraction for yourself. Here are audio upgrades worth installing in your family vehicle.

DVD Players/Headphones
DVD players are commonly attached behind the headrest of the driver and front passenger seats or, if you only want a single DVD player in the car, installed in the ceiling above the second row of seats.
Your auto installation expert will install both a DVD player (with or without a remote, depending on your budget and the model you choose) and supply headphones for your children to enjoy their favorite movies with.
While headphones are not necessary to use the DVD players, the addition of headphones makes your children's movie watching much quieter. Speak to your car audio installation expert if wireless headphones can be used in the car in conjunction with an installed DVD player to make your children's entertainment even more carefree.
Gaming System
If you have older children who aren't so much into watching movies during car rides but more into video games, talk to your audio installation about installing a custom gaming system in your car. Your gaming system will either be installed in the most-rear section of the car or even in the trunk if your family car doesn't have a lot of interior space to work with.
Extra Charging Ports
Your car already has a few charging ports for charging phones, tablets, and other devices (so long as each device has a car charging cord), but adding updated charging ports, such as USB ports, makes your car a more functional vehicle for accepting multiple devices for charging at once.
Eliminate fighting and devices losing power by having your audio installation expert install USB and car charging ports in the front, back, and even door panels of your vehicle. Road trips and short-distance driving with the whole brood is made easier when every person has access to a charging area in the car.
Aux Jack
Perhaps the easiest audio install for the car, adding an auxiliary jack for your vehicle's dated radio is sure to make your children happy and keep them entertained in the car. An aux is designed to allow device users to play their music or videos over your car's stereo system, which means no more static on the radio when you are out in the middle of nowhere.
If your budget is small yet you still want to modernize your family car with child-friendly audio, an aux jack is a great installation to start with.
There are other child-friendly upgrades you can make to your car to make road distractions less likely, such as installing a wireless remote for your radio (no more reaching into the front seat to change the radio station) and a touch-screen radio or DVD player upgrade for easy handling.
Your audio installation specialist will upgrade your car quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road with child-friendly technology and, hopefully, a quieter vehicle. At Creative Acoustics, we design a variety of custom audio inserts for vehicles and the home and will make your audio experience more enjoyable wherever you are. Talk to our team of electronic specialists today!