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A Guide to Buying the Best Enclosed Subwoofers

Subwoofers provide an intensity of bass sound that is impossible to get with other speakers. Many subwoofer options are currently available on the market, so car owners interested in installing high-quality subwoofers in their car should read through this guide to learn more about their choices.

Enclosed Subs Enhance the Quality of the Sound 

Subwoofers come in many formats, including open and enclosed speakers. Enclosed subs provide a multitude of benefits for a car's sound system. First of all, an enclosed sub doesn't need to be mounted inside of a speaker system - like open types - because of the included box. As a result, car owners can install enclosed subwoofers more easily than open types.
Just as importantly, enclosed subwoofers use their box to magnify the bass sounds they produce and to increase sound potency. The size of the enclosure will dictate how much oomph each sub delivers, with larger boxes typically producing the thickest sound. Anyone who wants a real deep and thick bass sound should consider enclosed subs for their vehicle.

Sealed Enclosures Avoid Rattling Sounds

Enclosed subwoofers come in three different varieties: sealed, ported, and bandpass. Bandpass subwoofers are louder than ported and sealed subwoofers, but they don't produce the same depth of bass sound. Ported subwoofers are somewhere in the middle and provide a smooth bass depth and a medium sound level. Sealed are the quietest subwoofers but produce the deepest bass.
Sealed subwoofers do minimize the rattling reverb sound that ported and bandpass subs produce when they are turned up too high. As a result, sealed subs are often a good choice for someone who wants to crank their music in the car without hearing a rattle every time a bass note or bass drum pops up in the mix.

Powered Subwoofers Minimize Space Usage

Sealed enclosed subwoofers use one of two different power methods - active and passive. Passive subwoofers are those that must be hooked to a car's power system, while active subwoofers have their own power source. Interestingly, powered subwoofers are typically more compact than passive ones and can fit more easily in smaller cars with little extra space.
However, active or powered subwoofers don't produce the same level of bass familiar with passive or nonpowered subwoofers. As a result, a car owner needs to strike a balance to find the system that works the best for their needs. Drivers will need to balance their limited space demands with their desire for the best possible bass sound.

Custom Subwoofers Create a More Specific Sound Profile 

Car owners interested in subwoofers also have the option of buying standard or customized speakers. Prebuilt speakers typically cost less than custom ones and don't require specialized installation processes. However, custom subwoofers can utilize a variety of sound setups to produce a specific sound profile for a car's bass frequencies.
Custom subwoofers also provide more style options for a car. For example, changes to the speaker boxes - such as fins or painted decorations - produce different looks that are hard to obtain with pre-built speakers. Even better, smaller and more compact customized speakers may fit in smaller vehicles more easily than larger pre-built models.

Great Subwoofers Aren't Hard to Find 

The many types and brands of subwoofers on the market ensure that car owners should find something that fits their unique needs. So please don't hesitate to call us at Creative Acoustics to learn more about subwoofer options that would be best for your car. Our professionals will assess your car's needs and find a subwoofer sound system that makes the bass thick, fluid, and impressive.